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Do you wish you had formal training in Rabbonus beyond the standard Semicha? As a community rabbi, you need the tools to handle a wide range of Halachic questions. This course will help you be more confident in your role as a community rabbi and be prepared for the many different aspects of community Rabbonus.

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Experienced Teachers
One-on-One Mentorship

Maggidei Shiur

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Baruch Hertz
Rav of the Chabad Community of Chicago
Rabbi Yosef Marlow
Rav of Bais Menachem of North Miami Beach
Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander
Rav of Heichal Menachem, Monsey
Rabbi Mordechai Farkash
Author of Seder Chupa V'Kidushin
Rabbi Baruch Hertz
Rav of the Chabad Community of Chicago

About the Course

As a Rabbi and community leader you are faced with halacha questions on a daily basis. There are many different aspects involved in serving as the Rabbi of a community and this course delves into the most common of them and will empower you to address the questions with confidence and clarity.

While some of the questions may have simple answers, there are others that require more complex solutions, and many that demand that you think on your toes and deal with a difficult situation swiftly and sensitively.

Upon the completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate that is endorsed by Lemaan Yilmedu’s Vaad HaRabbanim.

Workshops & Lectures

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A Sample Shiur

Course Curriculum

The list of topics that will be explored throughout the duration of the course is thorough, relevant, and includes the Halachos of: Davening, Krias HaTorah, Shabbos in the Shul, Yom Tov in the Shul, Mezuzah, Tzedakkah, Tznius, Bar Mitzvah and Bris Mila.

The Syllabus
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The Experience

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Semicha From
Recognized Poskim

Our Vaad HaSemicha includes leading figures from the U.S. and abroad, including Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, author of Nitei Gavriel and Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Av Beis Din in Toronto.


Our teachers are all experts in their fields and excel in clarity and making things practical. Every teacher is dedicated to seeing the success of their students and ensuring you are prepared for the exams.

Exclusive English
Study Aids Package

Our in-house team has created study aids on every topic in clear, crisp English. Visualizations and diagrams ensure the material is readily grasped, and summaries mean full retention of the subject matter.

and Guidance

Our staff are always there for you, ready to answer any questions during or after class. A Dedicated online forum facilitates robust discussion between students and teachers even after class is over.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Designed by an in-house team of scholars, our syllabus is all in English, from the primary texts of Shulchan Aruch and commentaries to our exclusive summaries and visualizations. The curriculum is structured to appeal to learners of all kinds. Whether you are a visual, auditory or logic learner, you will leave with a firm grasp of the material.