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Hilchos Niddah - Advanced

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Hilchos Niddah - Advanced

Guide your community

in Taharas Hamishpacha

Lemaan Yildedu has created a course to cover every aspect of Hilchos Taharah with a focus on practical psak and shimush, taught by Crown Heights Rov, Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov, a well-known expert in this field. Course applicants may be yungerlait, Shluchim, future Shluchim and anyone who needs this knowledge and is serious about studying the material.

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Maggidei Shiur

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov
Beis Horaah of Crown Heights
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About the Course

For many in smaller communities, Taharas Hamishpacha presents many challenges, a key issue being the lack of a qualified Rov to rule on practical questions. However, a way to obtain the necessary training and expertise to pasken these shaylos was never available beyond the largest Jewish communities.

Finally, Lemaan Yilmedu has created a program to cover every aspect of Hilchos Taharah with a focus on practical psak and shimush, taught by Crown Heights Rov, Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov, a well-known expert in this field and author of the noted sefer Divrei Tohar.

The program will prove especially important to Shluchim who are often the only source of Halachic guidance in their communities, but most Shluchim have never had the opportunity to delve into Hilchos Taharah in a way that would allow them to issue practical rulings. In many areas, community members must overnight shaylos to another Rov, often causing delays or even getting lost in the mail.

Even in larger communities where there are other Rabbonim qualified to issue a psak, a Shliach may want the ability to be the address for all his community’s needs without making people have to shop around.

The course organizers estimate that it will take approximately a year-and-a-half for the cohort to complete the text-based segment of the course, followed by practical shimush on one’s own schedule and availability.

Participants will schedule in-person sessions with Rabbi Kasimov when they are visiting New York to complete their training in paskening maros.

In addition to the halachos studies, there will also be a series of 10 practical lectures on how to apply them to real-life scenarios from leading Rabbonim in the field and other experts.

Course applicants are limited to yungelait who are planning on going on Shlichus or Rabonus, existing Shluchim, or pulpit Rabbis.

Workshops & Lectures

Vaad HaSemicha

Successful graduates who pass the tests will be certified by:
Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander
Rav of Heichal Menachem, Monsey
Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun
Mara De’asra and member of the Crown Heights Beis Din
Rabbi Shaul Yechezkel Schwartz
The Debretziner dayan, Boro Park
Rabbi Mordechai Farkash
Author of Seder Chupa V'Kidushin

A Sample Shiur

Course Curriculum

The in-depth syllabus will cover everything from how one becomes a niddah, to vestos, bedikos, kesamim, harchakos, yoledes, shivah nekiyim and tevilah, all studied from the original sources of the Tur, Beis Yosef, Shulchan Aruch and Nosei Kelim, followed by Lemaan Yilmedu’s exclusive study booklets of Shalos u'Teshuvos and Practical Halacha.

The Syllabus
Download the complete syllabus



Is it possible to join the learning of halachos without shimush?

How will shimush work?

What will the tests be like?

Is the program in Hebrew or English?

The Experience

Our Courses

Semicha From
Recognized Poskim

Our Vaad HaSemicha includes leading figures from the U.S. and abroad, including Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, author of Nitei Gavriel and Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Av Beis Din in Toronto.


Our teachers are all experts in their fields and excel in clarity and making things practical. Every teacher is dedicated to seeing the success of their students and ensuring you are prepared for the exams.

Exclusive English
Study Aids Package

Our in-house team has created study aids on every topic in clear, crisp English. Visualizations and diagrams ensure the material is readily grasped, and summaries mean full retention of the subject matter.

and Guidance

Our staff are always there for you, ready to answer any questions during or after class. A Dedicated online forum facilitates robust discussion between students and teachers even after class is over.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Designed by an in-house team of scholars, our syllabus is all in English, from the primary texts of Shulchan Aruch and commentaries to our exclusive summaries and visualizations. The curriculum is structured to appeal to learners of all kinds. Whether you are a visual, auditory or logic learner, you will leave with a firm grasp of the material.