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The Kashrus of a Mikvah

is In The Details

Become proficient in one of the most crucial, yet complex areas of Halacha—Mikvaos. Learn about the design, kashrus, supervision and maintenance of a mikvah from the field’s leading experts.

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Maggidei Shiur

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Shimon Gruen
Renowned Maggid Shiur, Boro Park
Rabbi Shimon Gruen
Renowned Maggid Shiur, Boro Park
Rabbi Sholom Shuchat
Expert in Mikvaos, Crown Heights

About the Course

The mitzvah of mikvah has stood at the center of Jewish life for thousands of years. It is the foundation of the Jewish family and has been observed with great mesiras nefesh throughout the generations.

The construction and maintenance of a Mikvah are no simple feat. Learning them requires a commitment to hours of study and hands-on instruction.

Course participants will become knowledgeable in all of the halachos and minhagim of a Mikvah. They will be able to identify what makes a Mikvah kosher and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Who is this course for?

* A Rabbi or a Shliach who has a Mikvah under his jurisdiction and is looking to gain a deeper understanding of Mikvah maintenance so that he knows when he needs to call an expert and when he can take care of an issue himself.

* Someone who is involved in the construction of a Mikvah and is seeking to better understand the process and the reasons why each detail is important.

* Someone looking to deepen their Torah learning and is looking to spend a year exploring the intriguing topic of Mikvaos.

Workshops & Lectures

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A Sample Shiur

Course Curriculum

The halachos will be learned from the source, straight from the pages of the Shluchan Aruch, with a special emphasis on Chabad Minhagim and the horaos of our Rebbeim.

The Syllabus
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Rabbi Gruen was truly a terrific Magid shiur. He was well-prepared and very clear, both in explaining the actual Shulchan Aruch and in the way he conducted the class. His articulation was excellent. Initially, my objective was to familiarize myself with the general Halachas of Mikvahs, and thanks to his clarity, I got involved deeper than I thought I would. It was simply a pleasure to participate and I looked forward every week to the shiurm.

Rabbi Hershy Bronstein, Coral Springs FL


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Our Vaad HaSemicha includes leading figures from the U.S. and abroad, including Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, author of Nitei Gavriel and Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Av Beis Din in Toronto.


Our teachers are all experts in their fields and excel in clarity and making things practical. Every teacher is dedicated to seeing the success of their students and ensuring you are prepared for the exams.

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Our in-house team has created study aids on every topic in clear, crisp English. Visualizations and diagrams ensure the material is readily grasped, and summaries mean full retention of the subject matter.

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Our staff are always there for you, ready to answer any questions during or after class. A Dedicated online forum facilitates robust discussion between students and teachers even after class is over.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Designed by an in-house team of scholars, our syllabus is all in English, from the primary texts of Shulchan Aruch and commentaries to our exclusive summaries and visualizations. The curriculum is structured to appeal to learners of all kinds. Whether you are a visual, auditory or logic learner, you will leave with a firm grasp of the material.