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Semicha for Bochurim

Semicha for Bochurim

Lemaan Yilmedu's Smicha course was created specifically with bochurim in mind, taking the well established classic Lemaam Yilmedu Smicha curriculum and reconfiguring it to better fit into the structure of a bochur who would like to learn Smicha while on Shlichus or in Yeshiva. The program begins right after Tishrei and concludes on Gimmel Tammuz, just before all summer plans begin!

$ 2,200 


Ever encountered a question in the kitchen that made you wonder why you can’t learn the ins-and-outs of kashrus yourself? Welcome to Lemaan Yilmedu’s Semicha program, where you’ll gain the knowledge to deal with complex kashrus dilemmas, all in a year-long course. You’ll be supplied with English study guides, weekly classes and an expert teacher on-hand to answer all questions.


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